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BALOGH HyperX™ is a long range (2.45 GHz) Identification System with read distances ranging from 0.5 meters to 10 meters (FCC approved up to 5 meters). HyperX™ uses semi-passive read-only tags that utilize the power from the antenna for data communications that provides fast and reliable identification with tag reading speeds at up to 60 mph, and very little interference concerns. It is the premier system for hands-free access control and automatic vehicle identification (AVI).

The HYPER X™ readers emit electromagnetic waves in the 2.45 GHz band. A non-modulated carrier wave is generated by the reader and reflected by HYPER X™ tags. This incident beam is modulated during the reflection in accordance with the identification code of each tag. This operating method allows long tag lifetimes and identification ranges of several meters.

The HYPER X™ tags contain a battery which powers the onboard electronics. This battery is not used for the generation of RF energy. HYPER X™ tags are semi-passive. HYPER X™ tag lifetimes are constant and independent of tag usage. The reading distance for all HYPER X™ tags is constant and independent of age, for a given reader.

The readers are chosen in regards to the defined identification area and the reading distance required. The electromagnetic emitted energy determines the reader range. (0.1m to 10m) and the antenna design determines the beam cone geometry (90° x 90° 45° x 45°; 22° x 45°) identification zone.

Advantages of Hyper X™ 2.45 GHz Long Range RFID

  • 10 metre read range guaranteed with both the personnel and industrial HYPER X™ tags. Competitive 2.45GHz technologies do not offer a 10 metre read range with personnel tags.
  • Greater read reliability at high speeds and maximum rated distance.
  • Simultaneous card identification. Identify passengers while they are still in the vehicle!
  • Small sized identification cards and tags. Guaranteed 10 metre read range from our card-sized personnel tag.
  • Extremely low radiated power levels. No licence required.
  • Easy integration of HYPER X™ with your current access control system (e.g. personnel and building access systems) using Wiegand or serial interface.
  • For critical, high security applications the Hyper X™ long range RFID solution ensures that unauthorised tag reads are not possible.
  • HYPER X™ performance advantages have been independently verified in recent high speed vehicle trials of three leading long range RFID technologies. Hyper X™ read range and capture rate is consistently superior due to the advanced RF techniques, inherent reliability and superior quality of the HYPER X system design.
  • Fast Identification: up to 100km/hr (100% reliability).
  • Long Life, Semi-Passive Technology: batteries lifetime 5 year (minimum) to 10 years.
  • Tag: multi-orientation & Identification to allow orientation freedom of the tags.
  • Range of Readers & Directivity: from 3m to 10m read range, 90 o x90 o C, 45 o x45 o , 45 o x90 o which offers precise identification lobe.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: can be used with other technologies using 2.45GHz, e.g. WIFI, WLAN
  • Badge Programming: badges are programmable and re-programmable.
  • Small Tags, Cards/Badges: smallest and cheapest semi-passive tags available for 2.45GHz RFID.

Hyper X™ Applications:

  • Security: Personnel and vehicle access control, special engine access control, anti-theft identification, user presence at computer terminal, personnel tracking.
  • Transportation: Dynamic Identification, fleet management, container tracking, taxis, bus station management.
  • Logistics:Fuel management, factory line management, barrel tracking.
  • Access Control and Parking Management: Parking management - better management of parking security and flow.
  • High Security: HYPER X™ readers are unique & use specific data transmission. Reader validity is maintained via data polling through communication bus. HYPER X™ tags & readers are customised and limited to one customer only.

Hyper X™ Case Studies


Feig offers a comprehensive RFID reader product line in the following freqency ranges.
- HF (13.56 MHz) - OBID classic pro/OBID i-scan HF
- UHF (860-956 MHZ) OBID i-scan UHF
The FEIG OBID i-scan HF/UHF reader product family is compatible with 13.56MHz (ISO 15693, ISO18000-3 and EPC HF) and UHF (EPC Gen2, ISO18000-6) transponders. Applications include retail, logistics and manufacturing. FEIG i-scan fixed and handheld readers are ideal for asset management applications.

FEIG Electronic RFID Long Range Technologies Overview - OBID i-scan HF/UHF

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