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Access Control & Security technologies

Companies around the world are using RFID and IP Cameras to control and manage access to buildings and networks via the use of ID badges, cards, tags, wristbands, proximity readers, biometrics and vehicle tags. Electro-Com brings the world’s leading RFID and IP Camera Access Control solutions to the marketplace though its key partnerships, and supports its customers by making use of its 25+ years of industry experience.

Long Range RFID

longrange rfid product category thumb   Electro-Com offer an array of long range RFID hardware for access control including products from Balogh, FEIG, Sirit and TI.
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Proximity RFID

proximity rfid product category thumb   Electro-Com provides a wide range of proximity access control readers and tags from companies such as Secura Key, Texas Instruments, FEIG and Aceprox.
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Electronic door locking systems

ele door lock systems   Salto's state of the art electronic locking systems offer flexible and functional access control with a wide choice of software options.
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Biometric RFID Access Control Products

biometrics main   We offer a range of technically advanced biometric access control products combining state of the art fingerprint technologies and HF RFID
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Door entry systems

Helios product range thumb   Helios is a unique configurable door entry system. Remotely control your door access from your office phone, mobile phone or computer.
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SurveilLance CCTV

mobotix access control   Mobotix is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.
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Wristbands and tickets

wristband product category thumb   RFID wristbands revolve around a tiny, flat RFID chip, sealed in a non-transferable plastic wristband that uses customised software to store and transfer data which is read by RFID readers.
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contactless smartcards

smartcards product category thumb   Electro-Com supply a wide range of contactless smartcards and RFID card technologies in low frequency, high frequency and ultra high frequency.
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